Department of Botany

The Department of Botany is one of the oldest faculties of the college. The department is housed on the first floor of “Biology Block”. The undergraduate course in biology was started in 1967 and the experience gained through the successful running of this course culminated in the start of the Postgraduate course in 1982. The department also facilitates research and has well-equipped laboratories along with a departmental library.

Infrastructural Support

The Department has well-equipped laboratories and its own library with a sufficient number of books and journals. It has Separate Lecture Halls and classrooms for M.Sc. and B.Sc. Students.

Botany Department aims at strengthening the ‘learning- teaching’ process by imparting not just the best lectures but also giving students exposure to 'hands-on practice' through practical classes and research projects. The dedicated faculty is very experienced and is trained in diverse fields of plant sciences. The proficient faculty has reputed publications in national and international journals. The department provides undergraduate and post-graduate Botany courses.

The course provides comprehensive training and all-inclusive knowledge in a diverse range of subjects like classification and systematics of lower to higher plants, microbes, biochemistry, cell biology, ethnobotany, economic botany, plant physiology, conservation of flora, Indian ecology, environment, molecular genetics, biotechnology, biostatistics, microbial techniques, industrial and environmental microbiology and cytogenetics. Besides, there are many other additional, skill enhancement, and discipline-specific courses to opt from.

Course work comprises classroom lectures, seminars, practicals, field studies, instructional excursions and dissertations. The department has well-ventilated and fire-safe laboratories for conducting practical classes. Laboratories are well furnished with expert laboratory assistants and are furnished with various instruments and many specimens of plants. Further, the department houses a common library equipped with the latest books and journals.

The Department motivates students to connect with different societies of the college in co-curricular activities to upgrade their skill-set along with exposure to numerous career paths. The scientific spirit is nurtured in the students by organizing various seminars, conferences, debates, educational trips, presentations, quizzes, webinars, workshops, and competitions. Botany has great potential so the Department focuses on improving the quality of research work with special emphasis on collaboration with research institutes, giving training on modern molecular techniques and inviting talks on recent topics for students. Students with a Botany degree have innumerable opportunities in the fields of botanical survey, environmental management, microbiological labs, conservation of flora, florihorticulture, biotechnology and farm management.

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