Department of English

Housed in the “Tutorial block,” the English Department has offered a quality education for over six decades. The Department was established in 1959 and we are one of the oldest faculties in the college.

 Our curriculum includes two degrees: a B. A (Honours)which is a three-year degree course and an M.A which is a two-year course. Additionally, English is offered as a subsidiary subject to students pursuing other Honours courses. With six full-time faculty members, the department covers a range of topics in English literature and fosters a critical thinking mindset.

Whether you want to write a novel or you are passionate about your language proficiency, the Department has classes for you. If you are interested in research, the Department facilitates appropriate activities to advance knowledge and leverages a well-endowed library of reference material to support creative analysis.

What we Offer

Our courses enable the enhancement of reading and writing skills through the exploration of new ideas. We offer an opportunity for students to learn a range of ideologies, cultures and critical theories from the lens of English Literature. Through pedagogy, discussions, and the use of multiple perspectives, our courses are instrumental in sensitizing students to curricular texts and developing skills for literary analysis and critical thinking.

The faculty in the Department of English instil a creative mindset in students and encourage curiosity about literature, culture and language. With that, our programs prepare students to be successful in academia, non-profit and government organisations, as well as business, law, and the publishing world. We prepare students for the world beyond and for a professional life where language and communications skills drive growth and success.

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