Department of History

1. Introduction of the Department

The Anugrah Narayan College was established in the year 1956. The department of History started in the same year. Later on in the year 1984 Post Graduate study also started in the Department of History. It became the first P.G. centre of Magadh University at Patna. In the year 2016 Pre PhD course started in History and became the second PhD centre of History of Magadh University at Patna. It has 5 permanent teachers, three of Professor rank, one of Associate Professor rank and one of Assistant Professor rank along with two Guest Faculty in which one is Doctorate and another is pursuing Ph.D. The Department has approximately 2150 students in the Under Graduate program and 500 students in Post Graduate program, with 14 Research Scholars altogether enrolled under all faculties.  

2. Importance of the Subject

Studying history helps us understand how events in the past made things the way they are today, lessons from the past. We develop the ability to avoid mistakes and create a path for our societies. To study history is to study change. It examines and interprets human identities and transformations of societies and
civilizations over time. A range of methods and analytical tools are used to answer questions about the post and to construct the diversity of past human experiences. It positions us to see patterns
that might otherwise be invisible in the present thus providing a crucial perspective for understanding current and future problems. Studying history helps us to appreciate cultures, ideas and traditions that are not our own, yet similar in our goals and values.

In history, we ask a question about the past, assemble a set of clues through documents, artefacts or other sources, and then piece those clues together to tell the story that answers our questions and tells something unexpected about a different time and place. History is full of transitions that have altered the world's story. When we build our knowledge of history, we understand more about what created our present-day society. History gives us a better understanding of the world and how it operates. Historical study shows you the warning signs of many kinds of disasters, from genocide to climate inaction.

The study of history is fascinating but that’s not the only reason why we do it. Learning the facts and following the thread of a story are just the first steps. The most important question in history is “So what”? If we study any fact, story or event with this “So what” question, it helps to see the relevance and importance of history, while giving us a deeper and more lasting understanding of what happened. 

3. Contribution of the Department towards Knowledge Generation

The process of thinking historically enables deep historical understanding. But it requires certain strategic knowledge dispositions. The dispositions include the capacity to
a. Read, make, sense and judge the status of various sources of evidence from the past.
b. Corroborate that evidence by carefully comparing and contrasting it.
c. Construct context-specific evidence-based interpretation
d. Make decisions about what is historically significant. 

These capacities are exercised while teaching or interacting with the
learners. The views of the learners (students) on any issue or
evidence are also interpreted to generate the knowledge among them  

Own Interpretation of the Department

The P.G. Department of History of A. N. College is 50 years old department. It has always been considered the best department of History at Old Magadh University and the new Patliputra University.
The student's and teachers' relationship is very cordial. Classroom interaction has always been a very important part while delivering lectures. As a result, the students are well-groomed and very confident. The important dates of historical significance are celebrated through various competitions, poster making, slogan writing, elocution etc. The alumni of the college have a good number of people from the history department who are very well placed in the society and contribute a lot to the system.
The department started an innovative program during the Corona period by starting of UGC NET exam. The students were quite enthusiastic and two of them qualified for the UGC NET exam. The second batch for the preparation of NET started with a very positive mindset. 

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