A. N. College, Patna

A Constituent Unit to Patliputra University, Patna, Bihar (India)
CPE Status by UGC
Accredited Grade "A+"(4th Cycle) by NAAC with CGPA 3.36/4
Chancellor's Award for the Best College of Bihar
Chancellor's Award for the Best Principal of Bihar

अनुग्रह नारायण महाविद्यालय, पटना

बिहार, भारत
पाटलिपुत्र विश्वविद्यालय, पटना, बिहार (भारत) की एक घटक इकाई
यूजीसी द्वारा सीपीई स्थिति
सीजीपीए 3.36/4 के साथ नैक द्वारा मान्यता प्राप्त ग्रेड "ए+" (चौथा चक्र)
बिहार के सर्वश्रेष्ठ कॉलेज का चांसलर पुरस्कार


  • Every student must carry his/her College Identity Card to College. This must be prominently displayed on the dress.
  • As per Patliputra University rules, 75% attendance of all the classes held in the respective departments are binding on each student. Studentswho report sick or miss classes for any serious cause will have to report to the Heads of the Departments who will then decide in which academic manner the attendance shortfall is to be compensated. In all other cases of shortage of class attendance, the concerned students will not be allowed to sit for the examination of that particular year.
  • Ragging is a criminal offence. Any student found guilty of ragging will face stringent legal and/or punitive action as per UGC and Patliputra University guidelines.
  • Gender harassment is strictly prohibited. Any act of gender harassment, as identified in the Vishakha Guidelines set by Supreme Court of India, will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Admitted students are expected to behave responsibly and courteously in the campus and beyond.
  • Each student of Vocational courses must wear the prescribed uniform as per their department rules.
  • Use of Mobile phones by students is strictly prohibited in class. If caught with activated mobile phone in class, the phone will be seized and the concerned student will be forwarded to the Principal/ HOD.
  • A. N. College, Patna has been declared as "Tobacco Free Zone". Violators will be punished accordingly by the Principal/HOD.
  • No meetings are to be held inside the college campus without the Principal's consent.